The Power of SaaS

The SaaS delivery model has changed the way software is used, updated, delivered, priced, supported and so much more. We bring the full power of SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring.

SaaS-based Infrastructure Monitoring Lets us Give our Customers True Observability

Monitoring the Monitors

We have complete faith in the Panopta Monitoring Cloud and use it (with some other tools) to make sure that we're watching our infrastructure as closely as we're watching yours.


The Panopta Monitoring Cloud is delivered as a SaaS product primarily because it gives you the ability to scale at a moment's notice. With Panopta, you never have to worry about whether or not your monitoring solution is scaling with you and you're only paying for what you're using.

Always on. Never Blinking.

Our tagline "never blinks" is only possible because of our SaaS deployment. Since we're in the cloud, we're always on and always watching.

Small Upfront Costs

With a SaaS product, there is no capital expenditure to hit your budget. Implementation is instant, and after configuration you will be monitoring your infrastructure with a world-class solution in minutes.

Latest and Greatest

Our SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring model gives you updates with regularity. We typically send out new releases twice a month so that your solution is always getting better.

Personal Support

If you're using an open-source monitoring solution right now, where did you go last time you had a question? An expert's forum, a wiki? We love open source software at Panopta, but for your monitoring, you need a solution that's backed by personal support for any questions that might come up.