Unite your IT teams in one powerful IT operations platform.

Empower your organization with centralized IT operations management. Gone are the days of bouncing from tool to tool while performing tests or resolving incidents. Panopta monitors your entire hybrid IT environment and unifies your tools into one easy to use platform.

Comprehensive, scalable infrastructure monitoring

Panopta offers cloud-based monitoring for all of you network devices, servers, virtual machines, containers and more in your deployment, providing a monitoring platform that values user experience and streamlines configuration for easy scaling.

Fully customizable incident management

Your team can set up intelligent alerting, so they only receive alerts when they need to, and enrich alerts with data about the systems and devices experiencing issues.

Innovative automation & IT Operations

Panopta’s automated runbooks can run diagnostics and even remediate incidents as soon as they occur, allowing your team to focus on high-level tasks, rather than chasing down every small issue with your infrastructure.

Simple, predictable pricing

With usage-based pricing, Panopta will meet your monitoring and incident management needs now, and scale with your organization.

Companies who trust Panopta

“Our secure cloud hosting platform required a robust and highly scalable monitoring system to give us insight into our infrastructure at all times. Panopta was able to deliver a custom-fit solution leveraging our global data centers which complimented our premium hosting offering perfectly. “

Todd Gleason, Director of Technology

“I often say that a Panopta alert is more potent than any dose of caffeine, and it’s true. If Panopta alerts us, there’s something wrong. We’ve never gotten a false positive.”

Preetam Jinka, CTO

“The ultimate measure of any monitoring solution is situational awareness: does your team know when something needs attention, and do they know the severity of the issue? Panopta excels on both levels.”

John Enright, President

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