Built for Teams

The teams of today are different. They’re remote, cross-functional, on-call and have a wide variety of users with different roles. Network monitoring team solutions should accommodate them on their terms.

Don't Adapt to Your Monitoring Solution. Let it Adapt to You.

Extend Your Team.

Our approach is to make the Panopta Monitoring Cloud another member of your team. Through seamless, customized integration with the way you work, we stay out of the way but we never blink.

Leverage our Expertise

We bring decades of experience working in and leading IT and DevOps teams in the hosting world, giving us extensive monitoring and networking expertise. This knowhow goes to work for you not only in the Panopta Monitoring Cloud but in support as well.

Unlimited Users

Today's teams are large, flat, and multi-tasked. You shouldn't have to pay "per seat" for people who aren't always sitting down. Panopta never charges a per user fee because your monitoring solution should work collaboratively with your whole team.

Collaborative Management

Collaborative incident management is built right in to our monitoring. When an incident happens, everyone who is affected by it needs to get the right updates for their roles in real time.

The "Me" in Network Monitoring Team Solutions

There's no "I" in team, but software solutions aren't one size fits all. With the ability to customize alerting and channels across all major delivery methods, Panopta is built for teams but also cater to personal preferences for a friction-less solution.

User Profiles

Regardless of team size, you need to keep an eye on who has access to certain parts of your monitoring system. Set up reports based on user groups and granularity so that upper management gets the high-level stats they need and the admins in the war room see the details. Panopta makes it easy!