Built for Teams

A unique monitoring platform for your unique team.

Panopta adapts to any infrastructure, but it also adapts to any IT team.

IT teams today have a variety of users, are cross-functional, and often times they have at least a few remote employees. With these dynamic teams come many challenges, both in working together effectively and keeping your infrastructure organized. Panopta is designed to be adapted to your needs, rather than trying to be a one-size-fits-all platform.

Multi-tenancy and a seamless, single sign-on for easier customer and team management.

Multi-tenancy isn’t just for organizations that need to manage the infrastructure for a group of different customers. Large enterprise companies can easily use our multi-tenancy features to create separate workspaces for the various teams and groups that need access. This way, teams can share templates, alert timelines, and other important configuration across the organization’s infrastructure, without sacrificing the team’s customized workspace.

Teams that are using Panopta to monitor the infrastructure for their customers are able to sign into Panopta and navigate through the different environments they manage using a single sign-on. The single sign-on also makes onboarding and offboarding users easier, and the single password creates a more secure environment, both of which make management simpler.

Integrates with key tools such as:

Panopta Integrates with all your favorite tools.

Never sacrifice a tool you love for a tool that works better with your monitoring platform. Panopta works with the tools you love, rather than working against your team's workflow.

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Convenient tools for teams to work together.

Take advantage of tools built to help teams collaborate and stay on top of their work.

  • Use the Panopta Mobile App to easily access the Incident Hub from your phone
  • Team members can easily track their responsibilities with on-call schedules and assign incident leads to make team management simple
  • Alert timelines allow teams to stay on top of alerting, making sure alerts don’t go unnoticed if a team member can’t immediately acknowledge them
  • Teams can collaborate around incidents in the Incident Hub to drive resolution faster
  • Integrating with the tools your team loves already (Teams/Slack)