Accuracy and Security

For a well run DevOps org, infrastructure monitoring accuracy and security are non-negotiable. With Panopta, they underscore everything we do.

Secure and accurate monitoring for your infrastructure.

Outage Verification

When there's an incident on your network, how do you know it's real? With outage verification protocols fully customized to your needs, there will be no more "boy who cried wolf" moments. Never stop trusting your monitoring system!

Locked Down SaaS

Even behind the firewall, our server agents and OnSight only communicate in one direction. Plus, your data is on an encrypted channel, ensuring you enjoy the full power of the Panopta Monitoring Cloud without ever compromising your security.

Signal. No Noise.

False positives are a problem with many monitoring systems but not with Panopta. Beyond that though, alerting "noise" can lead to a lack of use and trust. With fully custom noise levels, Panopta makes sure alerts are accurate.

A Comprehensive Solution

To really do monitoring right, you need to poll at the right frequency, monitor server and application metrics, have unlimited public status pages, access to powerful tools and more. To achieve infrastructure monitoring accuracy, where you're not missing incidents and getting complete visibility, a robust solution is the only really accurate one.