Accuracy and Security

Panopta guarantees secure and accurate monitoring.

From outage verification to a secure, one-way TLS connection, we’ve thought of everything to make sure your monitoring is secure and accurate.

Many IT teams constantly battle against alert fatigue, outage verification reduces the number of false-positive alerts received, which limits noise and helps to mitigate alert fatigue. Systems engineers also have the option to create maintenance periods as they’re working to resolve an incident, allowing them to route all related alerts to them, or to stop alerts entirely and preventing their team from receiving alerts that don’t apply to them.

Coupled with our Incident Hub, Panopta makes it easy for teams to spend more time resolving incidents, and less time chasing after false alarms.

Take advantage of our secure, one-way TLS connection

Whether you’re monitoring from our public monitoring probes, or you’re using the OnSight vCollector to conduct tests within your private LAN, Panopta provides a secure and truly end-to-end view of your environment. Powered by a combination of the public probes, the Panopta Agent, and the OnSight vCollector, Panopta can securely monitor your systems.