High precision monitoring that you can trust.

Activity on the Internet never ceases, so you need monitoring which is watching your back day and night. A system you can trust. You need monitoring which never blinks. Panopta’s high precision monitoring checks your servers and sites every 60 seconds from our globally distributed monitoring network. When we detect an outage event, we verify its authenticity from other geographic locations within seconds using our industry leading outage confirmation process. This guarantees that we never generate a false alert so that you can trust the notification you get in the middle of the night. We’ll never miss an outage and when we detect one, you can trust that it’s real.

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Monitoring from the inside out

Complex technical infrastructure requires monitoring which can provide a multi-dimensional view of your systems health. Sometimes, knowing whether your website or server is up or down isn’t enough. You want to correlate downtime with high response times. You need insight on how the resources on your server are performing during peak traffic times. You need visibility on servers and devices protected on a private LAN. All in one view. Panopta combines globally distributed network service checking with an on-server agent and a virtual appliance (Panopta OnSight™) for monitoring on your private LAN. This industry leading approach is unmatched by other solutions. Gone are the days of using separate disjoint systems to monitor all aspects of your infrastructure and welcome to a single pane view. Don’t get blind sided by an unexpected outage. Let Panopta monitor your entire infrastructure from the inside-out.

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Always on, always available. In the cloud

Running in the cloud means very little for you to manage and never having to worry about whether your monitoring system is actually running or not. Panopta seamlessly scales with your demand and runs from two geographically distinct class-A data centers to ensure your monitoring never misses a beat. Staying true to it’s SaaS upbringing, Panopta is always being further developed and improved so that you can rest easy knowing you will never fall behind the curve. Let us do our job by monitoring your infrastructure so that you can successfully do yours!

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Alerting the right person at the right time

When we detect an outage, we’re positive it’s something you need to know about. So we work hard to ensure we find the right person on your team using the best channel of communication. Panopta provides several different types of notification channels including (but not limited to) SMS, Voice, Email and rotating on-call schedules. Our advanced notification timeline supports mixing different users and channels. And as part of our relentless effort to ensure you know when you have an outage, Panopta automatically escalates outages per your notification timeline until we see it resolved.


Industry leading service and support. Guaranteed

From day-one, customer service has been top priority for the Panopta team. It’s ingrained in our culture and a requirement for every employee we hire. We take great pride in responding to customer inquiries as quickly as possible and going the extra mile to make sure you understand how to solve your problem. Our knowledge doesn’t end with just answering your question on Panopta. We’re well versed in a vast majority of internet technologies and can help applying monitoring best practices.

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