What can support do for you?

Help with configuration and a monitoring analysis

Let our support and on-boarding team help you through the process of setting up the most complete monitoring experience possible. We’ll take the time to learn your requirements and recommend monitoring best practices. Our team has a diverse background in the IT industry with roots in the Hosting world. We’ll use the experience we’ve picked up along the way to make sure you’ve covered all your blind spots!

Help understand outages and how to fine tune your monitoring

Understanding why outages and different performance related events occur is a dynamic problem. It’s not always the same underlying problem and doing a root cause analysis is critical to being protected. A monitoring system which is tuned too tightly can be very noisy and desensitize your team. Let our team help you fine-tune your monitoring so that it’s running most effectively and accurately. We can work with you on both sides to even determine what type of infrastructure adjustments you should make to deal with operational issues.

Help with deployment and automation

If you’re dealing with a large deployment, you want to leverage automation as much as possible so that you’re not spending time configuring monitoring when you should be running your business. Panopta can help in a number of ways. In addition to using our API to automate setup and configuration, we can also do bulk imports of your data from electronic format. We’ll take a hands on approach to helping you build on our platform to achieve a tight integration.