Predictable Pricing

Customizable, scalable, and flexible, Panopta makes it easy to understand and grow your monitoring with your infrastructure.



$6.00 / month


$1.00 / month

Advanced Synthetics

$6.00 / month

Get all the benefits of Panopta’s monitoring and IT operations management with the option to scale up when you’re ready.

Easily deploy Panopta’s monitoring solution to get full visibility into your entire hybrid IT infrastructure stack, as well as basic synthetic checks, unlimited metrics and thresholds, and alerting workflows.



$10.00 / month


$2.00 / month

Advanced Synthetics

$6.00 / month

Expanded IT monitoring and operations management options, Panopta Pro allows for more customization and management options.

Get access to powerful incident management tools including runbook automation (CounterMeasures), custom metrics and incidents, and step-up operations with monitoring policy workflows and on-call schedules.



$14.00 / month


$2.50 / month

Advanced Synthetics

$6.00 / month

Panopta Enterprise offers IT monitoring and operations management that provides data without limits, and helps keep your IT department organized.

Transform the way your IT practice operates and correlate incidents fast with advanced topology and discovery, multi-tenancy orgs, machine learning and anomaly detection.

Monitoring 500+ Instances?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to scale?

Yes. Our flexible pricing model makes it easy to scale your monitoring up or down as necessary. It’s also easy to add synthetic checks as you need them.

What does it cost to add integrations?

Nothing. We never plan to charge extra for integrating with the tools your team uses most.

Will I also have to pay to monitor Kubernetes services beyond the host and containers?

No, we only charge you to monitor the K8s hosts and containers.

Do you support hourly billing for cloud environments?

Yes, we support hourly billing for all dynamic environments. You will only pay for the monitoring you use.

What instance types in AWS and Azure are free?

Azure: Functions, Azure Apps, Azure Storage
AWS: ASG, EBS, Lambda, RDS Cluster, S3, SNS, SQS

How often are checks run?

The standard frequency is every 60 seconds, though this can be changed based on the kind of check and your use case. Get into contact with our team for further clarification.

Are you ready to consolidate your IT operations spending?

Panopta Platform Editions

Get a detailed view into the Panopta platform’s features. 

Advanced Synthetics
Monitoring & Analytics
Metric Data Retention
6 months
12 months
24 months
Unlimited Metrics + Thresholds
Basic Synthetics
Dashboards & Reporting
On Premise and Cloud Monitoring
Monitoring Templates
Custom Metrics + Incidents
Netflow Integration
Network Configuration Management (NCM)
Incident Management & Response
Custom Runbook Automation (CounterMeasures)
Mobile App
Incident/Event Management
Email / Phone Call / SMS Alerting
Alerting Workflows (Timelines)
Integrations (Jira, SNOW, Slack etc)
On-call Schedules
Custom Email Templates
Maintenance Schedules
Status Pages
Call Bridges for Incidents
Coming Soon
AI & IT Operations
Multi-tenancy / Orgs
Advanced Team Management
Topology Discovery / Mapping
Coming Soon
Advanced Event Correlation
Coming Soon
Monitoring Policy Workflows
Machine Learning + Anomaly Detection
Coming Soon
Email Support
Live Chat/Phone Support
Customer Success