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Pricing FAQs

What counts as an instance or a network device?

For pricing purposes, it’s really simple.

An instance is any endpoint or device you would like to monitor. This can be a virtual machine, a cloud computing instance, a bare metal server, or anything else that isn’t a network device.

Network devices are switches, routers and other devices with many metrics.

What's included in support?

Standard support includes access to our team via email, phone and live chat. Enterprise support options are available for customers with more advanced requirements.

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade?

Of course. Because you’re never locked into a contract you can always promote a specific instance to use CounterMeasures or demote one to a standard instance. You only ever pay for what you use.

What does it cost to add integrations?

Nothing now and nothing ever. Panopta works with the tools that you already use without charging you extra to do so.

How often are checks run?

The standard frequency is every 60 seconds. In certain cases, we can adjust the polling frequency to be more frequent. Get in touch with our team to discuss further.

Do you support hourly billing?

Yes. When you’re monitoring your cloud infrastructure, the same principle applies: you only pay for what you use. We prorate the monthly cost to the hour for cloud instances.

How granular is your 12 month data archive?

Minute-level data is maintained for six months. After six months it is rolled up into hourly summaries.