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An Introduction to Monitoring Hybrid Clouds

Containerization is more than just a trendy topic nowadays. With the rise of hybrid cloud environments and the ever-expanding adoption of containers, it’s important to start thinking about how to maintain visibility in these environments. Monitoring hybrid clouds presents many of the same challenges any hybrid environment would, but with the many moving parts that […]

Lessons from the Recent Basecamp Outage

The weeks of March 4 and March 11 weren’t great for the popular project management and team communication software Basecamp. Basecamp’s CTO, David Heinemeier Hansson (also known as DHH) wrote two very honest posts about the outages and promised to do better for their customers. Luckily, Basecamp up until now had experienced few outages, and […]

Walmart Enters Cloud Platform Market

(April 1, 2019). In an early morning press release Walmart announced its plans to enter the on-demand cloud platform market. Seeking to take on its rival Amazon “on all fronts”, the retail giant will begin offering discount-priced metered computing services to businesses, government and individuals. “We feel there is an underserved segment in the hosted […]