Server Agent

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Our agent stays incredibly lightweight while being an extremely powerful monitor.

Panopta’s server agent is a very lightweight, resource-sipping powerhouse. It stays out of the way of your server and utilizes plugins based on what it discovers on-board, allowing it to give you an unprecedented number of metrics that you need.


Lightweight and Out of the Way

Our server agent processes are exceptionally lightweight, ensuring no impact on resources or other applications.

Easy Installation

Centrally managed deployment and installation of new agents is completely automated, eliminating the need to install each one separately and updates are simple from our repository.

Easy Configuration

When agents are installed, it's simple to configure them using existing notifications, metrics, tags and more with templates from other nodes or groups

One-way TLS

TLS encryption protects the stream of data from the agent back to our monitoring and, because it's one-way, there's no need to open extra ports on your server.

No Login Ability

Our agent runs as a non-privileged user, preventing login access and keeping your nodes secure.

Team Up with OnSight

Even in airgapped scenarios with no public internet access, our agents can proxy through our OnSight vCollectors so you don't have to compromise comprehensive monitoring with enterprise-class security.

Python for Linux

The Linux/Unix version of the agent is written in Python and completely open source.

C#/.NET for Windows

The Windows version of the agent is written in C#/.NET and uses Perfmon internally which gives you access to thousands of different performance metrics on Windows.

Easily Expandable

Write your own custom plugins with ease to access any metrics that you need above and beyond our out-of-the-box plugins.