The Panopta Agent

A powerful, SaaS-delivered monitoring agent that will never weigh down your infrastructure.

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Our lightweight Agent sits directly on your infrastructure, securely gathering metrics and sending them back to the Panopta platform.

The Panopta Agent works with our public monitoring network and OnSight vCollector to give teams a truly end-to-end view of your environment.

Using a one-way TLS connection, the Panopta Agent gathers and sends metrics back to the Panopta monitoring platform, allowing teams to easily access invaluable metrics about the availability, health, and performance of their servers and applications. Running on your servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud instances as a non-privileged user, the agent has no login ability, so you won’t have to sacrifice security for robust monitoring.

With automated or even one-click installation, you can easily add the Server Agent to your instances in a matter of minutes, making it ideal for deployments large and small. Coupled with Panopta’s automated configuration features like templates and the monitoring policy workflow, onboarding is a simple and quick process.

Panopta works seamlessly in any environment.

The Panopta platform offers countless features to customize and expand Panopta to work with your environment.

OS Agnostic. Our Agent works with a large variety of old and new operating systems, meaning you can monitor every part of your environment using Panopta. In addition, we offer versions of our Agent that are optimized for common operating systems like Unix, Linux, and Windows.

Supports all instances. The Agent is lightweight and SaaS-delivered, meaning it won’t require extra hardware to run it. Whether you’re running virtual machines, entirely in the cloud, on baremetal servers, or any other instance type, the Agent can monitor it.

Fully extensible. The Panopta platform can ingest custom metrics and incidents in addition to the many out-of-box features. Panopta also makes it easy for teams to write custom plugins, making it ideal for highly specialized environments.

More than just monitoring

Panopta offers a variety of tools that make it easy for systems admins to keep track of their instances. With built-in alerting, unlimited dashboards, and incident management, Panopta allows teams to go above and beyond basic monitoring.

  • Automate diagnostics and even remediation using CounterMeasures, for lower MTTR and MTTD times.
  • Take advantage of our mobile app so that your team can conveniently access incident details, alerts, and collaborate.
  • Use Incident Management features to efficiently handle incoming issues and alerts on your servers.