Public Network Checks

A growing network of public monitoring probes that offers a comprehensive, end-user view of your systems.

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Know your infrastructure inside and out.

Maintaining your infrastructure requires more than just an internal view.

Our global network of public probes provides external uptime and performance checks for every device, server, and application, rounding out a truly end-to-end view of your environment. Located in secure, state-of-the-art data centers, Panopta’s public probes regularly send synthetic checks to your infrastructure, gathering metrics on availability, performance, and end-user experience. With 50+ locations around the globe, you can get a seamless view of your infrastructure from a local and global perspective.

Monitoring that does more.

Panopta’s public monitoring probes constantly check for uptime and availability, but they also offer advanced synthetics and incident management features.

Monitor User experience

Panopta’s public probes natively provide synthetic checks for uptime and availability, but they can also monitor user experience. Teams can create advanced synthetic checks using either a web-browser recorder or a simple javascript, meaning they can easily monitor complex interactions such as navigating through a series of related pages, or signing-in using two-factor authentication.

Synthetic checks

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue can cause teams to ignore important alerts that are lost in a sea of notifications that don’t require admin attention. Panopta’s public probes help reduce false or unnecessary alerts by automatically confirming an incident from multiple locations, so teams only receive the alerts that are most important.

The incident management experience

A true end-to-end view

Using the Panopta Agent, OnSight vCollector, and public monitoring network, the Panopta platform monitors all of your devices in a single location. Taking advantage of a one-way TLS connection, Panopta securely provides health and performance metrics on all of your systems. Whether you have multiple deployments on-prem, in the cloud, or using containers, or you have networking devices you need to monitor, Panopta can give you visibility into all of your infrastructure.

The Panopta monitoring network