Panopta OnSight vCollector

Using the OnSight vCollector, Panopta can securely monitor your infrastructure from behind your firewall, without leaving a blindspot.

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Get the security and comprehensive monitoring you need.

Panopta offers a SaaS-delivered monitoring solution that provides both security and a truly end-to-end view.

Whether your infrastructure is public or private, Panopta can guarantee you’ll have the monitoring, alerting, and incident management tools at your disposal without sacrificing security. Our OnSight vCollector is a virtual appliance that uses a one-way TLS encrypted connection to securely send data back to Panopta’s monitoring infrastructure, allowing Panopta to ingest, visualize, and analyze that data in dashboards throughout our monitoring platform.

Using the Panopta OnSight, teams are also able to leverage the monitoring that Panopta’s public probes provide from within their private LAN. Giving them visibility on their air-gapped servers without exposing them to the public.

The OnSight vCollector can perform:

  • Uptime and Service Checks
  • Basic and Advanced Synthetics
  • SNMP polling from network devices & appliances
  • SNMP Trap collection
  • Cluster monitoring using native VMWare APIs

With failover and load-balancing capabilities to ensure that you never miss data due to an infrastructure or load balancing issue, the Panopta OnSight offers key high availability, so that you have visibility on all your infrastructure.

Work seamlessly in any deployment configuration

Cloud: We offer native machine images for AWS, Azure, and Docker, making it easy to install and provision monitoring withing your cloud environments. In addition, due to the OnSight’s lightweight design, you’ll never over-burden your cloud-based resources.

On-Prem: For on-prem environments, the OnSight can be added using a machine image just like in AWS and Azure and with no physical appliance to add to your infrastructure, installation is quick and easy. We also offer a native machine image for VMWare, allowing teams to easily integrate Panotpta into their systems.

Containers & Kubernetes: The OnSight allows you to monitor all the different parts of your containerized environment, from on-prem or cloud deployments, to deployments using Kubernetes or no orchestration system at all. The OnSight also provides teams with detailed metrics about the containerized environments, such as metrics for your applications and the underlying technology they’re running on.

In addition to seamlessly working and deploying in any environment, the Panopta OnSight vCollector provides automated discovery for your infrastructure. This allows teams to smoothly add their devices into Panopta, to make onboarding faster and smoother.

The OnSight is easy to manage, automatically patching itself for security and providing a secure egress for Panopta Agents running within a private deployment. Coupled with one-click updates and a secured design, the OnSight makes Panopta ideal for monitoring air-gapped servers and environments.

Additional Benefits

Handle Multiple Environments Easily
You’ll be able to see all of your public and private infrastructure in a single location with Panopta, even when using multiple deployments, across different types of infrastructure.

Streamlined Onboarding & Management
Our automated onboarding services, templates, and monitoring policy workflow allow teams to easily add instances to Panopta, and scale monitoring as needed.

Synthetic Checks
Using the OnSight, your team can run both basic and advanced synthetic checks behind your firewall. This will help your team monitor both system metrics and complex user experiences, even on systems that need to remain private.