How We Do It

No matter the type of infrastructure or how many different deployments your team works with, Panopta offers true end-to-end monitoring for all your systems. Even if you’re still working largely on-prem, in the cloud, you’ve moved everything over to containers, or you’re somewhere in the middle, Panopta provides your team a single tool where all of your data and metrics from any deployment you’re monitoring.

Monitoring for every device, server, virtual machine, and application in your environment.

Secure data collection for every deployment and system.

Panopta uses four methods to gather metrics about the health and performance of your systems. Our Panopta Agent, OnSight vCollector, Cloud integrations and public probes work in tandem to gather metrics from both outside and inside your firewall. Coupled with our countless integrations, Panopta can cover any environment, deployment, and device that you need to monitor.

With both native integrations and custom, you are able to quickly apply our monitoring to your cloud infrastructure, network devices, virtual machines, VMWare, and Kubernetes deployments and begin pulling metrics about the health and performance of your systems. Teams can also leverage our synthetic checks from both public probes, and the OnSight vCollector to ensure they have a truly end-to-end view of their environment.

These four different methods of ingestion are then brought into one, single location where they are dispersed throughout the Panopta platform, whether that be in reports, dashboards, or status pages.

"[Panopta's] monitoring agent is fantastic; we know at all times how our servers are doing and that lets us stop outages before they occur."

Sacha Warton, Senior Systems Engineer

"Our secure cloud hosting platform required a robust and highly scalable monitoring system to give us insight into our infrastructure at all times. Panopta was able to deliver a custom-fit solution leveraging our global data centers which complimented our premium hosting offering perfectly. "

Todd Gleason, Director of Technology

"I love the reliability of their monitoring – it is very important for me to trust that what our monitoring tool reports is truly the case. Down is down, up is up!"

Stephen Bylo, Cloud Architect

"I often say that a Panopta alert is more potent than any dose of caffeine, and it’s true. If Panopta alerts us, there’s something wrong. We’ve never gotten a false positive."

Preetam Jinka, CTO

“[Panopta's] support team is what really sets them apart. They take my requests seriously and are constantly improving their service.”

Sascha Ottolski, Director IT Systems
StayFriends GmbH

Features which enrich your metrics.

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