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Updated Monitoring Nodes – Spring 2016

We are excited to announce that we are further expanding our monitoring network. On April 18th, we will add two new monitoring nodes: in Toronto, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand. So that you may update your firewalls, here are the relevant IP addresses: Auckland – Toronto – Three of our existing monitoring nodes […]

Updates to Users, Groups, and Integrations

We recently released a refresh for our Users, Groups, and Integrations. Not only does it look better but it’s also a lot easier to use. A quick recap of the changes are below. Merging of Users and Contacts In the past, we split roles across two different team member types – Users and Contacts. See the […]

Panopta OnSight™: Monitoring behind the firewall

With cyber threats at an all-time high, architectural best-practices call for placing servers on properly segmented networks with limited access from the public internet. While this certainly helps you mitigate your security risk, it leaves you with a significant monitoring blind-spot. One of Panopta’s core strengths is its ability to provide both an external and […]

How to Monitor an Anycast Service

Website developers and admins in today’s ever expanding web have a number of solutions to handle high availability, failover, and performance. One of those solutions is called Anycast; Anycast is a routing scheme which you can use to deal with the challenges of serving a global audience. By using a routing scheme like Anycast, you […]

Beta Release: IPv6 Monitoring Support

We’re excited to announce our beta release of IPv6 monitoring this past week. With ARIN recently anouncing the depletion of all remaining IPv4 addresses, we’ve received a large volume of requests from customers running servers and devices on IPv6 capable networks. Fundamentally, our IPv6 features are no different than existing IPv4 monitoring. IPv6, which is […]

Holiday Performance Infographic

Online sales during the 2015 Holiday season are expected to sky rocket with a 38% increase compared to 2014. Panopta has been monitoring the web’s top ECommerce sites since 2011 and we’ve captured an immense amount of interesting data. The below infographic takes the mountain of data on which we’re sitting and merges it with […]

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