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DNS Series: Part 1 – Back to Basics

In this six part-series we’re taking a deep dive into DNS, the often-forgotten but all-important backbone of the internet. In the first part of our DNS series, we’re going back to basics. DNS (or Domain Name System if you want to get fancy) is like address book of the internet. You (the client) wants to […]

Updates to our Public Checker Node Fleet

We’ve made some updates to our checker node fleet, the plaintext version and our website’s IP’s are updated, but you should update your own firewall rules to accommodate these changes if you’re using whitelisting. Amsterdam01: Atlanta04: Bangalore: Beijing01: Chennai, India is being decommissioned Melbourne02: San Jose, CA: Sydney03: Toronto, […]

Updated Monitoring Nodes – Spring 2016

We are excited to announce that we are further expanding our monitoring network. On April 18th, we will add two new monitoring nodes: in Toronto, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand. So that you may update your firewalls, here are the relevant IP addresses: Auckland – Toronto – Three of our existing monitoring nodes […]

Panopta OnSight™: Monitoring behind the firewall

Monitoring behind the firewall is imperative with cyber threats at an all-time high. Architectural best-practices call for placing servers on properly segmented networks with limited access from the public internet, and while this certainly helps you mitigate your security risk, it leaves you with a significant monitoring blind-spot. One of Panopta’s core strengths is its […]

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