Updates to Users, Groups, and Integrations

We recently released a refresh for our Users, Groups, and Integrations. Not only does it look better but it’s also a lot easier to use. A quick recap of the changes are below.

Merging of Users and Contacts

In the past, we split roles across two different team member types – Users and Contacts. See the image below for a refresher of what that looked like.



In hindsight, it doesn’t make a ton of sense two have these two separate – contact-only is really just a role that should be able to be assigned to a User. So, we’ve merged them together. Now, you merely need to specify the role you’d like the User to have rather than managing two different types. Plus, we still allow you two grant a more intermediary role – Limited.


Cleaner UX

To make things easier to manage, we’ve given Users, Groups, Integrations, and On-Call Schedules their own page. As well, we’ve given each a fresh UI to make the management process a bit easier on the eyes. We think it’s a lot more enjoyable to use and we hope you do as well.









As always, please shoot any feedback or questions our way – hello@panopta.com. Happy monitoring!


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