Customer Stories

Providing IT teams from any industry or of any size with customizable, scalable, and flexible monitoring.

A custom fit, no matter the industry or infrastructure.

Whether you’re a large-scale tech company, a University, or an automotive company, Panotpa’s extensible design allows IT teams to customize the platform in ways that work best for them. Systems engineers can take advantage of our Incident Hub, intuitive alerting systems, and even our automated diagnostics and remediation platform to create a monitoring plan which is unique to their use case.


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"I love the reliability of their monitoring – it is very important for me to trust that what our monitoring tool reports is truly the case. Down is down, up is up!"

Stephen Bylo, Cloud Architect

"I can sleep better at night knowing that Panopta is actively keeping an eye on our infrastructure...You will not regret signing up for their service.”

Alexander McMillen, Director of Network Architecture
Roka Security

"Panopta’s unrivaled support continually impresses with 5-star assistance and prompt feedback about issues and even including the end-user on the Panopta development roadmap and beta features."

James Sterling, Web Architect

“[Panopta's] support team is what really sets them apart. They take my requests seriously and are constantly improving their service.”

Sascha Ottolski, Director IT Systems
StayFriends GmbH

“Before moving to Panopta we had to think about the servers that needed monitoring because every server came with an added cost for monitoring.... Now that we are on Panopta we know what the monthly fee will be and we know exactly what we can monitor."

John Brogan, CEO & Founder
Global IntelliSystems

“If you are a online service provider and you are not using @panopta then I feel bad for you son #IGot99ProblemsButMonitoringAintOne”

Justin Dorfman, Director of Developer Relations (former)

"Our secure cloud hosting platform required a robust and highly scalable monitoring system to give us insight into our infrastructure at all times. Panopta was able to deliver a custom-fit solution leveraging our global data centers which complimented our premium hosting offering perfectly. "

Todd Gleason, Director of Technology

“Panopta is a cost-effective solution that will help you keep your operation running!”

George Thiruvathukal, Professor of Computer Science
Loyola University Chicago

“The ultimate measure of any monitoring solution is situational awareness: does your team know when something needs attention, and do they know the severity of the issue? Panopta excels on both levels."

John Enright, President

"I often say that a Panopta alert is more potent than any dose of caffeine, and it’s true. If Panopta alerts us, there’s something wrong. We’ve never gotten a false positive."

Preetam Jinka, CTO

"[Panopta's] monitoring agent is fantastic; we know at all times how our servers are doing and that lets us stop outages before they occur."

Sacha Warton, Senior Systems Engineer