MSPs and Resellers

Panopta offers whitelabeling, multi-tenancy support and more to make it easy to bring the power of the Panopta Monitoring Cloud to your customers while maintaining your branding and contact with your users.

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Features built for MSPs, partners and resellers for easy access to powerful monitoring and more.

Multi-Tenancy at Every Level

The Panopta platform is built for multi tenancy at every level. Partners and MSP's maintain a Master Account which allows you to use Panopta for yourself as well as maintain a single pane of glass view across all your customers.

Maintain Your Brand

With Panopta's whitelabeling features, you keep your brand identity through logos, sub-domains, colors and more while still providing robust features to your customers.


With Panopta's per-node pricing and volume discounts applied to your master account, you can realize significant cost-savings and the best monitoring for your dollar.

A Comprehensive Solution

Beyond whitelabeling and multi-tenancy, Panopta's full features are available for your customers views and your own internally, making it the perfect solution for your end users and for your internal teams.

Always Updating

With our SaaS model, we deliver significant features and releases that don't need to be managed individually and instead deliver increasing value from the platform all the time.