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“A monitoring solution is basically your eyes. Unless somebody tells you exactly what’s happening in your systems, I don’t think you can promise any solid SLAs. Panopta is going to be one of the differentiators for Informatica.”

Ani Patel, Director of DevOps

Comprehensive monitoring for your entire infrastructure

Panopta gives you a complete picture of every service, network device, and application in your environment.

  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform
  • Network monitoring
  • Hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring
  • On-premise monitoring
  • Server monitoring (Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • Virtual appliances
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Cloud storage
  • Hybrid cloud monitoring
  • Container Monitoring (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Website monitoring (performance, uptime and more)
  • Advanced synthetic checks
  • User experience monitoring

Monitor your entire network in a single platform

It doesn’t matter if you have deployments in containers, AWS, on-prem devices, and more, Panopta consolidates your monitoring data, insights, and action into a single location.

All your monitoring in a single platform

Eliminate tool sprawl with deeper insights into the health and performance of your cloud and on-prem environments in one place. It doesn’t matter if you have deployments in containers, AWS, on-prem devices, and more, Panopta consolidates your monitoring data, insights, and action into a single location.

Correlate data faster 

Even if you’re monitoring deployments across complex, hybrid infrastructure, Panopta gathers data and visualizes it in a single location to make correlation easier.

Easy onboarding and templates

Automated discovery makes onboarding simple, and with the addition of templates, you can apply configuration quickly, whether you’re just starting, or adding servers, network devices or containers to your existing setup.

Multi-tenancy & team organization

Organize your devices and teams using multi-tenancy features, allowing your teams a focused look at the data that matters to them most and access to all the data in your system.

Fully customizable incident management

Your team can set up intelligent alerting, so they only receive alerts when they need to, and enrich alerts with data about the systems and devices experiencing issues.

Centralized IT operations management allows your team to identify, triage, collaborate, and resolve incidents from a single platform.

  • Reduce MTTD and MTTR times
  • Comprehensive Incident Summaries
  • Manage incidents from our mobile app
  • Automate ticketing

Innovative automation & IT operations

Panopta’s automated runbooks can run diagnostics and even remediate incidents as soon as they occur, allowing your team to focus on high-level tasks, rather than chasing down every small issue with your infrastructure.


Run diagnostic tests automatically

Use automated runbooks to gather data on an incident as soon as it occurs.

Ready for engineers

Finishing diagnostic testing before an engineer even logs in means they can skip monotonous testing tasks.

Integrate into alert timelines

Runbooks can be built directly into alert timelines, meaning they can run right away, or if an engineer hasn’t gotten to the incident yet.

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