Synthetic Monitoring

Deliver high-quality digital experiences for end users

Synthetic testing of a user transaction

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    Single request and multi-step synthetic testing to monitor every digital experience

    Whether end users are customers or employees, Panopta’s powerful monitoring platform lets businesses catch and resolve problems before they impact the bottom line.

    Entire customer journeys

    Multi-step browser synthetic tests to simulate complete customer interactions 

    Install the browser plug-in and click Record to build synthetic tests quickly and without writing a single line of code


    Critical internal business processes

    Get health and performance metrics for services your employees use daily via native integrations for VPN’s, email, web portals, and other third-party solutions

    Monitor complex interactions such as API calls MFA logins with Javascript synthetics

    behind firewall icon

    Around the world or behind the firewall

    Global, 24/7 monitoring from 50+ public nodes worldwide ensures users have access wherever they need it

    Synthetic monitoring within private networks is available using our lightweight virtual monitoring appliance

    “I want to know about issues before my customer does, so I can take action on it and my customer is not affected. That’s the main reason I bought Panopta.”

    Roshan Popal, SVP of Cloud Systems Engineering

    IT employee using Panopta for network monitoring

    Empower your IT team with enriched diagnostics and alerts

    Receive detailed diagnostics when services fail, such as traceroutes for network failures and screenshots for failed web transactions.

    Use plain-language, outcome-focused alerts like “Users can’t log in” to provide better visibility into the business impact of service disruptions.

    Synthetic tests for digital experience monitoring

    Comprehensive end user experience monitoring

    Use synthetic monitoring together with Panopta’s runbook automation, custom alert timelines, and extensive reporting for a complete operations solution.

    Go further with automation and reporting

    Use synthetic monitoring together with Panopta’s runbook automation, custom alert timelines, and extensive reporting for a complete operations solution. 

    Automate alerts and remediation

    Add automated runbooks to digital experience testing to resolve issues before users are impacted. Escalate and alert your team only if the automation fails to solve the problem.

    Gain deeper insights

    Unlimited dashboards and extensive reporting capabilities will help your team establish a baseline for your systems so you can better track anomalies before they obstruct important business functions. 

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