Peace of mind is the only true measure of a good monitoring system. Does your monitoring solution alert you when there is a problem? And keep silent when everything is working properly? These are the two seemingly paradoxical sides of monitoring accuracy, but both are crucial to being able to truly relax and trust your monitoring system to do it’s job.

No matter what type of servers or check, our globally distributed monitoring nodes processes it through our proprietary algorithm that securely ensures your servers and network are up and running every single minute. Each server can be checked by any of the 30+ Panopta monitoring nodes on 5 continents from Jakarta to Johannesburg, New York City to Sydney.

Clearly, the gold standard of a usable monitoring system is precision. Get only the answers you need when you need them with a high tolerance network of globally distributed nodes that are loaded tested to withstand trouble and backed up by our full service administrative teams.

State-change Verification Means No False Alerts

Those 30+ nodes are not just for show. No one wants to be woken up at 3am for a bogus alert- so each monitoring node is in sync with the Panopta central infrastructure to triangulate and confirm each outage. Combining checks from multiple geographic locations before beginning the alerting process means you’re only alerted when we’re 100% sure there’s an actual problem.

False alerts are the bane of operations teams everywhere, and the fastest way for your team to become desensitized to alerts and start ignoring real problems altogether. With our confirmation logic, we make sure this never happens to your team!

High-resolution checks ensure No Outage is Missed

There is no value in those monitoring systems that catch only some problems. With Panopta, we check all services every 60 seconds to ensure that even the smallest outage is detected. Our customers are often surprised at how many short-duration outages their previous systems have been missing.

Beyond simply checking frequently, our systems are designed to do deep inspection of your infrastructure. While you can do simple pings and make sure a port is open, we can do full transactions with all common network services, with authentication and content inspection to ensure that your applications are working exactly the way they’re supposed to.

Don’t go another day without knowing how your infrastructure is really performing – sign up for a trial and have Panopta start watching your servers for you within minutes.

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