Monitoring Dashboard

The dashboard is the central view into your entire infrastructure. This includes a summary of all currently active outages and recently resolved outages. You can instantly jump to the full details of any outage, including a full log of outage-related communication. You can also read and post announcements for your team, as well as find out about new functionality within the Panopta monitoring system.


Server Configuration

Our configuration screen enables you to configure and manage any and all of your servers from a single location. This screen also allows you to view their performance and availability metrics at any time. We help you stay organized so that you can manage hundreds of servers and tend to any issues, in just a matter of a few clicks.

User Configuration

With Panopta’s easy-to-use control panel, you can create and manage users, based on your service package. Additionally, you can create an unlimited number of contacts that can receive outage alerts and reports regardless of whether they have control panel access. Each user and/or contact can have any number of email addresses, SMS and voice numbers configured for use in outage notifications.


Our intelligent notification system gives you complete flexibility in how your team is notified about outages and other problems, through a notification schedule – a timeline of notification events that is executed after an outage is confirmed. Add contact events at any point in the timeline, with as many levels of escalation as you need . Any number of notification timelines can be created, so you can setup different escalation plans for various types of services or groups of servers.

Outage History

Our system tracks every outage that affects your servers, no matter how big or small. From the outage history page you can filter and view all of your outages. Clicking on any one of them shows the outage management portal with complete information about the event.

Outage Management

The outage management portal contains all of the information about an outage, including details on the services affected, their state leading up to the outage and the full results of all checks across the outage timeline. Panopta’s intelligent mailing list routes email to everyone involved and its web-based chat interface allows real-time communciation, without having to install additional tools. If more assistance is needed, the outage alert notifications can be escalated at any time with a single click. Outage logs are archived permanently ensuring that you know what happened when during the event.





Our email reports, which can be sent on a daily, weekly and monthly cycle, give you easy access to high-level availability and performance statistics across all of your servers, as well as lower-level details about any individual server or service that you are monitoring. Email reports can be sent to any number of users and contacts and can be customized to include all or a subset of your servers.