"Our secure cloud hosting platform required a robust and highly scalable monitoring system to give us insight into our infrastructure at all times. Panopta was able to deliver a custom-fit solution leveraging our global data centers which complemented our premium hosting offering perfectly. "

Todd Gleason, Director of Technology, Armor

A global cybersecurity software company, Armor provides 1000+ customers with data and application protection in their private, public, or hybrid clouds. 

Robust, Partner-Friendly Platform

Panopta’s platform handles a wide range of environments and technology stacks and provides the granular visibility service providers need.

Built-in Multi-tenancy

Provides fully isolated and secure segmentation of each customer environment, so that you can manage all of your customers from a single cloud based solution

Role Based Access Control

Empowers internal IT operators and end users with the right level of permissions and visibility

Infinite scalability

Supports any number of customers regardless of footprint, and scales easily over 10,000 nodes

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Interoperable with a wide range of enterprise tools and modern communication tools which MSSPs already use


Provides end users with the reports and transparency required to meet your SLAs and build trust and credibility

Example runbook automation for server diagnostics

Powerful automated diagnostics and remediation to exceed SLAs

Unlimited customizable dashboards

Integrate panopta with your favorite tools

Integrated incident management with your team’s favorite communication tools

See a monitoring and network management platform built with MSSPs in mind

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