Yes, we are monitoring

If you have been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that if you have been trying to buy health insurance on the new health insurance exchange you get message like this: 1

One of our employees, Gareth, decided, in lieu of all of the news, to monitor and here are the steps he is taking to figure out exactly when is going to go live again for anybody to buy insurance. Follow us on twitter because we’ll tweet exactly when we can buy insurance online again. This breaking news brought to you by Panopta and you’ll see a message like this: 2

Below we are details for setting up content checks on your favorite webpages . Gareth did in 5 minutes. We love this new way of using Panopta. Definitely not designed this way but we love what people come up to monitor.

First we set up the server (designed on our bootstrap application wizard) 3

Making sure to set up HTTP checks. 4


Next we modified our HTTP fullpage requests to take in HTTP options… 5


Added in that URI from above and told Panopta that the string “The System is down at the moment” cannot be present for there to be availability/uptime 6


Then we tested it to make sure 7


And voila! 8


In the end we threw in some DNS monitoring to make sure that everyone in America could find the webpage anyway. You can find more about that here. So now the Panopta alert system will ping Gareth and I directly whenever anything else goes down as well as send me emails to me when I get an all clear. I’ll show you in a Part II how to set up alerts for 9

In fact, another employee, Taylor, is monitoring the arrival date of Google’s Nexus 5. More on that later.

See for yourself. Here!