Our Favorite Articles about Women in Tech from Women’s History Month 2019

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we want to share some content we read throughout the month of March that both celebrates women in tech and talks about the serious issues women face in our industry.

A woman in tech sitting in front of a laptop looking at code with a monitor in the background displaying a coding terminal.

Organizations to Watch

In addition to the now rather large Girls Who Code, we found out about some other cool organizations this Women’s History month that we think everyone should watch in the coming years.

  • Women-led and focused Women in Linux is a community for women in tech who work with the Linux OS. Check out their site for more information.
  • There’s also littleBits, led by CEO Ayah Bdeir, a company dedicated to creating toys which encourage kids to learn basic coding and engineering skills. They also focus on keeping their kits gender neutral so that children of all genders can learn from their toys. Get your daughters involved in STEM.

Celebrating Women in techPortait of Ada Lovelace, one of the first women in tech, in celebration of her contribution to modern computers.

Here are some awesome places we found this Women’s History Month to read more about women in tech both currently and historically.

  • For a focus on Panopta’s industry in particular, check out CloudBees’ Women in DevOps blog series which features women in the DevOps space in various positions and levels of authority. Read the most recent post here.
  • Here’s a great article from Medium about women in technology both past and present. Check it out.

Important Conversations

These are some fantastic articles that we read during Women’s History month, discussing both the things to celebrate in the industry and what still needs to change so women can succeed in tech.

  • Here’s a great interview with Girls Who Code founder and CEO Reshma Saujani and AT&T’s President for the Northern Region Marissa Shorenstein discussing the importance of Sisterhood in closing the gender pay gap in the tech industry and helping women in tech stay in the industry despite the adversity they might face. Read it here.
  • Reshma Saujani also wrote a phenomenal article in response to the 60 Minutes segment about women in tech which caused a significant uproar on social media after it aired on March 3, 2019. Read Saujani’s response here.
  • In addition to Saujani’s response, previously mentioned Ayah Bdeir, CEO of littleBits, wrote her own response to the same 60 Minutes segment detailing her experience of being interviewed and subsequently cut from the episode in favor of using a male spokesperson. She also discusses in detail how the segment got its message wrong; that girls don’t simply need to be introduced to the technology at an early age, but women in tech also need support and mentorship to help them face the discrimination they are often exposed to in the tech industry. Get the full story here.