Walmart Enters Cloud Platform Market

(April 1, 2019). In an early morning press release Walmart announced its plans to enter the on-demand cloud platform market. Seeking to take on its rival Amazon “on all fronts”, the retail giant will begin offering discount-priced metered computing services to businesses, government and individuals.

“We feel there is an underserved segment in the hosted computing marketplace, those businesses and organizations that need to stretch every penny of their IT budgets” noted Walmart spokesperson Cari Tessing. “We feel that we can capitalize on our years of experience helping consumers save money and live better’ and do the same for harried IT organizations. That, and have their Cheetos, Pizza Puff & Red Bull orders ready for on-demand grocery pickup, by the way.”

Walmart plans to run its data center from a hollowed-out mountain in the Ozarks 20 miles north of Bentonville AR – “bomb-proof, nuclear blast-proof, and asteroid-proof.” When pressed for details on how the Walmart cloud platform will enable customers to scale, Tessing only emphasized that the company has invested in enough hardware as well as development expertise to meet the needs of anticipated customer growth. “Our discount-focused, no-frills business model scaled to every small town in America. How hard can the cloud be?”

In a potentially related story, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced its largest ever Raspberry Pi order, of 657,452 units from an undisclosed client in Arkansas.

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