Updates to Users, Groups, and Integrations

We recently released a refresh for our Users, Groups, and Integrations. Not only do they look better but they’re also a lot easier to use. A quick recap of the changes are below.

Merging of Users and Contacts

In the past, we split roles across two different team member types – Users and Contacts. See the image below for a refresher of how it looked before.



In hindsight, it doesn’t make a ton of sense two have these two separate – contact-only is really a role that should be able to be assigned to a User. So, we’ve merged them together. Now, you merely need to specify the role you’d like the User to have rather than managing two different types. Plus, we still allow you two grant a more intermediary role – Limited access, which is handy for segregating access by teams or experience of users.


Cleaner UX

To make things easier to manage, we’ve given Users, Groups, and Integrations, along with On-Call Schedules their own page. We’ve also given each a fresh UI to make the management process a bit easier on the eyes. We think it’s a lot more enjoyable to use and we hope you do as well.









As always, please shoot any feedback or questions our way – hello@panopta.com. Happy monitoring!