Streamline Incident Management with the New Panopta Mobile App

When we started to make updates to our incident management experience, we realized this was an ideal time to take a look at our mobile app. We started the journey of updating our app with the clear goal of focusing it on incident management, allowing us to streamline what was included, and the actions that systems engineers would be able to take from mobile.

Narrowing the focus to incident management

The app provides a quick and easy way for systems engineers to access the Panopta Incident Hub, allowing them to take action as soon as an incident occurs. Giving real-time metrics, and providing a space for engineers to record the resolutions that worked so that they can resolve recurring incidents more efficiently.

  • Acknowledge incidents, schedule maintenance, and delay, cancel, or escalate alerts
  • Access important system health and metrics you’d find in the Panopta Incident Hub

Streamlining the incident management experience

With the app refocused on incident management, we wanted to create a user-friendly design that would allow engineers to easily collaborate and resolve incidents faster. From viewing their on-call schedules to assigning incident leads, the Panopta Mobile App provides engineers a way to take advantage of the Incident Hub’s features on their phone.

  • Toggle views to see the most urgent incidents, the incidents which are assigned to you, or all active incidents
  • View your on-call schedules to track your own responsibilities, and always know who you’re working with

Integrating CounterMeasures to further diagnose or resolve incidents

Finally, we knew it would be important to include access to our automated diagnostics & remediation platform. CounterMeasures can be created to run common diagnostics scripts, or even to resolve common issues. It provides teams with a tool to automate some of the time consuming, but necessary tasks like running tests on infrastructure experiencing an incident. 

  • System engineers will know as soon as a CounterMeasure has run so that they can begin to use the diagnostics right away
  • After a CounterMeasure has run, engineers can check to see if it resolved the issue, and if it didn’t, use the information collected to decide what to do next

If you’re interested in testing Panopta’s new mobile app, please reach out to