Slow is the New Down: The Panopta Performance Index

For the last few years, we’ve been monitoring the top E-commerce websites and publishing their uptime during the holiday season in our Holiday Availability Index. As a consumer, it can get especially frustrating during this time of year when you’re trying to shop for last minute gifts and a site is unresponsive or slow. Today, we’re excited to announce the next generation of bringing that same visibility to other segments of the Internet. We just launched the Panopta Performance Index which not only focuses on uptime and availability, but also speed! After all, slow is the new down.

Although holiday online shopping is a critical time for site operators, there is so much more than just E-Commerce on the web. And for that reason, we’ve extended the performance index to include information about uptime and speed for the Fortune100, the SaaS 100 and the top 50 media/news sites. You’ll find the most well-known companies across each of the 4 indexes, like: Target, Costco, Zappos, SalesForce, IBM, Oracle, and more. The Index Site is a powerful, free tool that you can use to see how your most visited sites compare to their competitors.
Here’s a small preview of what you’ll see when you go there:

performance index w_ outage 2

Click on any of the tabs along the top to see what’s happening across the different indexes. If any of the sites are down, you’ll see them highlighted in red. In the table, we’re showing their performance index score, uptime, and how quickly their site loads. Click on any of the sites to see a detailed report on how it’s performing, including up to a years worth of performance trending.

performance index sears sample page

All of this data is being captured by the core Panopta monitoring engine which our customers have come to trust and rely upon since 2007. Keep up with how each of these sites are performing by going to or by clicking on the “Performance Index” link at the top of Want to stay on top of real-time events? We’ve created Twitter accounts for each segment where index activity will stream as outages happen. We’ll inform you when a site went down, when it comes back, and for how long it was unavailable. Follow @PanoptaSaaS, @PanoptaMedia, @PanotpaEcom, and @PanoptaF100 for the latest updates on how each of these top sites are performing.

Here is an example from the Panopta Media feed after ABC News’ website had a 3-minute outage and what you can expect to see on our Twitter timeline.

Panopta Media ABC screenshot tweets

In addition to the real-time stream of events on the Index specific accounts, we’ll be summarizing how each index is performing and highlighting notable outages on the main @Panopta twitter account.

We’re excited to launch the new Performance Index and bring this level of visibility to the Internet. If we’ve caught your interest, and you’d like information on how the data is captured, feel free to email We’d love to hear feedback as well! Tweet us at @panopta to let us know when the site comes in handy.