Panopta Releases CounterMeasures, Enabling Powerful Automatic Incident Management and Mitigation

The Panopta Monitoring Cloud adds CounterMeasures, empowering users to automatically mitigate and react to incidents, freeing up more time for IT and DevOps professionals.

CHICAGO, March 9th, 2017Panopta recently announced the release of a powerful new feature set in CounterMeasures. CounterMeasures enables users to go beyond sending alerts based on incidents and actually respond to them, automatically, by running scripts and collecting diagnostics and logs. CounterMeasures was built to be extensible by Panopta, with new CounterMeasures releases planned in the near future and by customers, who can use pre-written actions or build their own to automate more of their incident response.

“Automated incident mitigation and management is the next step in how the Panopta platform empowers users,” said Jason Abate, Panopta’s CEO, “We put a lot of work into pushing the idea of what monitoring means. Without reporting, you can’t learn from your data. Without alerting and integrations, you can’t use that data proactively. Now, with CounterMeasures, you can monitor, learn and react, in real-time, all in one platform.”

The Panopta Monitoring Cloud offering adds CounterMeasures to an already robust platform of monitoring, reporting and alerting tools. With the release of CounterMeasures, Panopta is positioned as a differentiator in the crowded monitoring space by being the only provider with all of these features available on the same native platform.

Mark Huber, Product Manager at Panopta said that “the work we’ve put into CounterMeasures and the beta testing we did with customers is going to inform a lot of our releases moving forward. We’re excited about extending the platform to do more for our users.”

CounterMeasures from Panopta is generally available to all existing and new customers and more information can be found at The team at Panopta encourages anyone interested in trying CounterMeasures for themselves to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Panopta is the leading provider of infrastructure monitoring as a service to DevOps and IT teams globally intent on making server, application and networking monitoring simpler and more useful. Their offering, the Panopta Monitoring Cloud, empowers teams with a single-pane-of-glass view into all their infrastructure, whether their environment is on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid. With their global network of public nodes, lightweight server agent, OnSight vCollector and CounterMeasures, Panopta gives a 360-degree view of all your infrastructure and all the tools needed to gain insight into it and react in real-time whether publicly accessible or behind a firewall.

Media Contact: Robert Black, Director of Marketing, Panopta