Our new Incident Management Experience: The Panopta Incident Hub

As a monitoring platform built by systems engineers, for systems engineers, we wanted to create an incident management experience that brings together all of the important tools that systems engineers use on a daily basis. From alert to resolution, the Panopta Incident Hub offers efficient, streamlined solutions for incident management tasks and simplifies collaboration among team members.

When stepping into the incident management space, we wanted to create a product that worked well for teams and saved systems engineers’ time. By giving teams useful information at-a-glance and tools that allow them to identify, triage, and resolve alerts quickly, the Panopta Incident Hub is more than just a monitoring or alerting system. Coupled with a highly customizable design, Panopta’s new incident management experience caters to both the systems engineers and every role in the organization.

Identify and alert incidents

By bringing together alerting and incident management in a single platform, the Panopta incident hub provides engineers a place to easily acknowledge new alerts. Incidents also include metrics and meta-data about the infrastructure in question, as well as the issue that occurred, so systems engineers can quickly begin working on a diagnosis or resolution.

Assign urgency and incident leads

Some incidents can wait, and others need to be handled immediately. Built-in triage tools allow teams to assign a lead to an incident who can take ownership over it, or set up alert timelines so that incidents automatically escalate incidents if they remain open.

Work as a team

With integrations for popular communications tools, the ability to escalate incidents to more senior team members, and a streamlined mobile app, the Panopta Incident Hub makes it easy for teams to work together. In addition, you can use the mobile app to take quick actions such as acknowledging an incident, scheduling maintenance, or running a CounterMeasure so that your team will know you’re on it.

Diagnose and resolve incidents

Incidents enriched with metrics allow systems engineers to begin diagnosing an issue before they’ve logged in to any of their infrastructure systems. CounterMeasures can also be created to run diagnostics, and even resolve incidents without ever including a systems engineer, allowing them to instead focus more valuable tasks.

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