New Release – New monitoring agent, Panopta OnSight, expanded infrastructure

In the past couple months, we have done a lot to improve our service and we are proud to announce our newest release. There are a ton of new features and improvements that come with this release and we hope you are as excited as we are. This release includes:

  • A new version of our monitoring Agent
  • New integrations
  • More robust server templates
  • The release of Panopta OnSight
  • A new support page


Agent 2.0

We have new versions of both the Linux and Windows Agents. We have streamlined installation of the Agent using Debian and Redhat repositories. The new Agent now supports manifest files that allow for automatic configuration of server resource monitoring upon installation. In addition to all of this, you now have the ability to create as many alert thresholds as you would like (including none if you just want data).

We’re continuing to extend the agent and will have a number of new plugins coming soon. If you would like to try out the new Agent see this article for instructions.


Server Templates

By popular demand we have made our server templates more robust and customizable. Server templates now give you complete control over the monitoring locations to use for each check, including the ability to setup multiple checks from different locations. You can now now add as many default templates to a server group as you wish, allowing these templates to stack on top of each other. Along with the new Agent manifest file and provisioning API, this gives you a number of ways to streamline configuration and enable very powerful automated deployment scenarios.

Check out our updated documentation to learn more about the template functionality, and contact our support team if you’d like to discuss custom deployment options for your infrastructure.


Panopta OnSight

The latest version of Panopta OnSight (formally the “Monitoring Appliance”) is finished! With Panopta OnSight, you can securely monitor your servers with network service checks (HTTP, Ping, FTP etc…) and agent monitoring from behind a firewall. The new OnSight is easier to use and install and supports VMWare, XenServer, Hyper-V and VirtualBox environments. If you would like to try it out today check it our documentation here.


New Support Documentation

We have completely overhauled our support documentation. It is better looking, easier to navigate and more detailed than the last incarnation. There is a lot of new content on the site as well, including introductory a getting started guide and a glossary.


Monitoring Network Expansion

We have also added a number of new monitoring nodes around the world. We are proud to expand our infrastructure to India and South America for the first time. All of our new monitoring nodes are listed below. You can see our full monitoring network here.

  • Sydney, Australia 2:
  • Adelaide, Australia:
  • Brisbane, Australia:
  • Beijing, China:
  • Santiago, Chile:
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil:
  • Istanbul, Turkey:
  • Chennai, India:
  • Seoul, South Korea:



In addition to these larger improvements we have a number of smaller upgrades.

  • OpsGenie_darkWe now integrate with OpsGenie, which allows you to merge notifications from Panopta with other monitoring and alerting systems then manage all of your incidents across a range of platforms and devices. If you would like to send your outage alerts to OpsGenie you can learn how here.
  • cancel-alertsWe have also given you the ability to silence further alerts for all your current outages – great for times when you’re firefighting and want to get some silence so you can think clearly.