New Feature: Response Time Alerts

Our new response time alert functionality generates alerts whenever a service is responding slowly.

We’ve recently added response time alert functionality, a great new feature which generates outage notification whenever a service responds slower than a given threshold value. Combined with our high-frequency outage monitoring and server-side resource monitoring, response time alerts give you a complete toolset to detect and respond to websites that are responding slowly, before your visitors head elsewhere.

Configuration of the response time alerts is quite simple – when configuring a service check just provide a threshold response time and duration. Whenever your service responses take longer than the threshold time we begin tracking a potential outage. If this lasts for longer than the configured duration an alert is generated and delivered according to your notification schedule.

Response time alerts are included with the Intermediate and Advanced packages, and can be configured through the Edit Service interface. Trial customers also have full access to response time alerts for the duration of the trial.

We’re quite excited to add this new functionality to our offering, and have a number of other features currently under development that will further help you minimize disruptions to your online infrastructure. Feel free to contact Support if you have any questions about the configuration and usage of response time alerts or other suggestions on how we can help improve your online operations.