Monitoring the Future of the IoT

Everyone knows the age of the Internet of Things is just around the corner. With more devices at work and home connected to the Internet than ever before, the rewards are obvious; I can say “Ok Google” and have TV playing through my Chromecast, noted added to a to-do list, or an answer to a question in seconds. While the consumer benefits are obvious and enormous, the changes to industry will be more profound.

Imagine how many devices, albeit small, will come online if every SKU at a warehouse is connected to a company’s cloud. Fulfillment, inventory, environmental data and much more will all be trackable in a way that has never been possible. With all of this though, comes a caveat: every new device is another collection point for data. How can you set up your infrastructure to ingest that scale of data?  Monitoring solutions like ours will need to be able to accommodate the much larger surface area of collection points while still providing the level of alert resolution that our customers need.

The need for monitoring will grow in parallel with the number of devices and the volume of data will be immense. It’s going to be a challenge and we’re looking forward to meeting it.

The inspiration for this article came from a post on ZDNet about a security flaw in a large number of IoT cameras. I would recommend checking it out here.