Looking back on Summer 2019 at Panopta

Celebrating the end of Summer 2019

Summer 2019 is officially over, so we wanted to look back and celebrate the way our team has grown and changed since the start of the season. As we look forward to cooler weather, warm sweaters, and the last few months of 2019, here are some of the awesome things Panopta did as a team this year. 

With two interns either off to their first year of college or back for their next semester, many new team members, and plenty of fun activities, Panopta has gone through a lot of changes, but our team culture has only gotten stronger. We kicked off summer 2019 with the aptly named Shabbir-BQ, hosted by Shabbir, one of our co-founders, had a couple of awesome lunches at Heaven on Seven (yes, we went more than once), enjoyed many fantastic group lunches in the office, and so much more. 


Heaven on Seven

Chicago Python Event

And More!

The team at the 2019 AWS Summit.
Shabbir speaking with students from Epic Academy during a visit.
Shabbir visiting Epic Academy to talk about startups and entrepreneurship.
Our first trip to Heaven on Seven!

Thank you to everyone who contributed pictures for this post! We already can’t wait for next summer!