New Control Panel UI

We’re very excited to announce the release of a new version of our customer control panel, which rolls out an entirely new look and feel that our developers have been working on this summer. It’s a major upgrade and, we think, a huge improvement in the look and usability of the control panel.

In addition to the general refreshing of the control panel’s look, we had a number of specific goals in mind, which are listed below.

Better display of and access to controls on active outages

When you have a server that’s on fire, you need to be able to quickly respond. We’ve streamlined the active outage controls across every page of the control panel to make it faster to react.

From anywhere in the control panel you can see the count of active outages in the red block in the main menubar:

This count is dynamically updated behind the scenes, so it always shows the latest information. Also, a growl-style message briefly appears at the top of your browser to inform you of new or resolved outages as they are detected.

Clicking on the red alert bar brings up a window with more details on the active outages, and context-dependent controls to allow you to instantly react to an outage:

Easier setup of complex configurations

We have reworked some of the more complicated configuration interfaces to make them easier to follow and to make sure that all of the various features can be found. Honestly, we’ve just started to scratch the surface of what we have planned here, but you can see a good example in the network service configuration dialog:

Rather than one endlessly-scrolling window, configuration is now split into a core service tab where you can select the service type and check type, a notification tab where you can set notification-specific options, and a third check-specific tab where you can set specific options such as custom HTTP parameters, SSH and FTP authentication credentials, etc.

Restructured navigation structure

As we’ve added features over the years, the overall organization of the control panel has suffered a bit so we reworked the navigation system to make more sense. All configuration options are now under one menu, which means no more needing to hunt for where the maintenance schedule settings are hidden!

Better support for mobile browsers on phones and tablets.

The control panel is now easier to use on mobile devices, including iPhone and Android phones and tablets like the iPad. If you haven’t installed our existing Android/iOS mobile apps but find that you need to make quick configuration changes or respond to an outage on the go you will have a much easier time.

Improved white label support

The new interfaces have much more flexibility when it comes to white label branding of the control panel, which makes it easier to accommodate custom styling and branding for our reseller partners.

More to come…

This is the first step of many that we have planned to further enhance the functionality and usability of the control panel and make it easier for you to stay in control of your infrastructure.

We hope that the new interface streamlines things for you and your team. As usual please send us any feedback and suggestions you might have.