Customer Spotlight: Webtions

This is the first post in a new series that highlights some of the many customers that are using Panopta’s monitoring and notification service to improve their operations. Harish Chouhan runs Webtions, a hosting and design firm in India, and has been using Panopta’s monitoring services for the past six months.

We are a small design agency that got into the hosting business mainly to offer complete services to our clients. We never realized the amount of time we would have to spend on server maintenance, support issues & the worst issue downtime. Because of budget constraints, having a team to check servers 24/7 was not feasible and without a proper monitoring solution, we knew about downtimes mostly from our clients who called us in the middle of the night. In most situations, by the time we looked into the clients complaints of specific services on the server not working, the issue was no longer there.

After desperately trying every single monitoring solution for two months we found Panopta. The reason we choose Panopta at the end, was because:

  • They had a great website which explained what they offered in a simple non-technical way.
  • The time it takes from signing up to setting up rules is lot less than I expected. Based on my experience of trying most other companies I expected to spend few days. I was surprised to have things up and running within few minutes.
  • They allowed us to monitor not only the server’s uptime, but also internal resources such as memory & CPU.
  • And most importantly, the different escalation rules that can be setup ensured that even if I am not available someone else from my team will always be able to know of server issues.

Also among the many reasons we decided to finally stay with Panopta was the way their control panel was organized. Most companies I tried either had a very unorganized user interface or they had too many features but none that made my task easier.

After setting up all of our systems in Panopta, with the same team size and same hours of work every day, we have been able to better manage our servers and have less downtime related support tickets.

We’ll be highlighting other customers on a regular basis, if you’d like to share your experiences please contact