Introducing centralized management for network device configuration

Native network configuration management makes it easy to deploy, rollback, and backup configuration for routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices from a single location.

Easily onboard and manage new network devices

Automated discovery allows IT teams to quickly add new network devices to their monitoring, making scaling or onboarding completely seamless. Teams can also maintain existing network groups and views, as well as drill down into device specifics such as serial numbers, interface details, and port configurations.


  • Use automated discovery to add new network devices 
  • Visibility for serial numbers, interface details, and port configurations
  • Keep existing network groups and views

Manage configuration changes and execute complex network operations

Manage, deploy, or rollback configuration changes at scale from a centralized location and provide your team with detailed visual diffs to diagnose and resolve configuration issues. Automated backups will take a snapshot of changes made to your configuration so it’s easy to reverse when necessary. Your team can also take advantage of the configuration scheduler, allowing them to rollout configuration changes at any time, and even use command-line interface (CLI) commands to complete more complex changes at scale.


  • Use visual diffs to quickly correlate and remediate configuration issues
  • Simplify validation and compliance with Network-wide configuration search 
  • Set up automatic configuration backup and receive notifications on failure
  • Supports hundreds of manufacturers and models
  • CLI commands available for complex configuration deployment 

Use encryption to protect your data

Keep an encrypted configuration backup to ensure that you can rollback configuration changes if necessary, without putting any of your data at risk or encrypting at the database-level. 



  • Application-layer encryption for sensitive data 
  • Avoid unauthorized changes with user access controls

Interested in centralizing management for your network devices?

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