Case Study: Armor Trusts Panopta to Monitor their Customer Deployments

Case Study on Monitoring with Cloud Security Provider

Simplified Cybersecurity

A global cybersecurity software company, Armor provides 1000+ customers with data and application protection in their private, public, or hybrid clouds. In addition, they help their customers comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls.

With a large IT team that’s just under 100 employees, Armor’s support team leverages Panopta to prevent outages and issues for their customers. Panopta is their single source of data on the health and performance of their systems. 

Customer-forward Infrastructure Monitoring

Due to Armor’s large number of customers, their support team relies on Panopta’s multi-tenancy features to organize customer environments and groups. Their support team is then able to access their customer’s environment when needed, ensuring that they are working within the correct systems and maintaining their SLAs. 


Armor’s use of Panopta extends beyond their day to day, currently, their team is in the process of migrating their infrastructure to a new provider. By creating dashboards for specific groups of customers for specific dates, Armor’s team can track which devices are up and running before and after the migration.

Panopta’s dashboards give Armor’s team better visibility into their environment during the migration, they’re using Panopta’s unlimited dashboards to ensure that the migration goes smoothly.

“We are creating dashboards for specific groups of customers for specific days so we can make sure everything that was up before the migration is up again after the move."

Kason Eldred, Director of DevOps, Armor

Empowering Armor’s support team

When issues do occur, Armor’s support team knows that Panopta is there for them. Armor’s support team is able to leverage Panopta to their advantage, resolving issues before their customers are aware of them. 

Armor also takes advantage of Panopta’s integration with the popular ticketing system, JIRA. Panopta is able to create tickets in JIRA automatically, meaning Armor’s team can quickly triage the incidents and begin resolving issues right away.

"Panopta is the cornerstone of us getting to the bottom of issues as quickly as we do."

Kason Eldred, Director of DevOps, Armor

By centralizing their source of data with Panopta, Armor’s support engineers are able to quickly correlate alerts they receive to the performance of their infrastructure. They are able to proactively monitor their customer’s infrastructure, and provide the support that customers need and expect from their security service. 

Continuing to Leverage Panopta

Armor’s support team is currently looking to expand their use of the automation that Panopta can provide them with. 

“We're still kind of figuring out all the new things that we can do. It’s a bit more still in the discovery phase with all the new features.”

Kason, Director of DevOps, Armor

With Panopta in place, Armor can meet its objective of bringing all its infrastructure monitoring under one umbrella and deliver even better service to their customers. 

With better visibility across its organization and their customer deployments Armor is optimizing their IT operations by reducing time troubleshooting incidents, and fielding fewer support calls.

From utilizing Panopta’s automated diagnostics and remediation to providing their customers with richer features, Armor is seeing a bright future working with Panopta. 

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