Centralized IT operations management​

Unify your tools and teams. Panopta’s platform monitors any and every piece of your hybrid infrastructure for complete visibility and gives your teams a single place to proactively respond and resolve incidents.

Panopta Network Monitoring Unites IT Teams

Infrastructure Monitoring

Better data, comprehensive device coverage, and centralized monitoring configuration make day-to-day IT operations simpler and less monotonous. 

Panopta can meet your organization wherever you are in your monitoring journey, whether you’re on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

Incident Management

Panopta’s Incident Hub provides a single platform for teams to acknowledge, diagnose, and resolve real-time incidents.

With the addition of data and context from built-in infrastructure monitoring, the incident hub is a powerful platform for IT teams to maintain their systems’ health.

Automation & IT Operations

Provide your team with up-front data on incoming incidents, or resolve them all together so that your systems engineers can focus on high-level tasks.

Panopta offers a wide range of out-of-box and fully extensible automated runbooks (CounterMeasures) that your team can leverage.

Invest in a platform that prioritizes your IT team

Panopta at a glance

Eliminate tool sprawl and operate in a single platform.

IT Operations, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Incident Management

Powerful cloud-based monitoring​

Dashboard for data center monitoring with warning

Powerful cloud-based monitoring

Fatigue-free alerting and incident response

Fatigue-free alerting and incident response​

Simple to deploy automation at scale​

Simple to deploy automation at scale

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