Infrastructure Monitoring For Managed Service Providers

Provide your customers with powerful monitoring without sacrificing branding or user contact.

Bring more value to your customers and keep your work environment organized.

Multi-Tenancy & Seamless Single Sign-On

The Panopta platform makes multi-tenancy simple whether you have two customers or two hundred. You will receive a master account, providing your team with the tools they need to monitor their own infrastructure, as well as the ability to move quickly and easily into customer environments from their single sign-on.

Easy User On and Offboarding

With the ability to easily provide or restrict access to certain users, Panopta allows teams to only see the environments that they work on within the platform. This makes it easier for the systems engineers to focus on the customers they’re working with and ensures security.

Take Advantage of Custom Status Pages and Dashboards

Panopta makes it easy to keep everyone in your organization informed. Custom status pages allow teams to share information on parts of their environment they might not have access to. Systems engineers can self-service, rather than reaching out to the team in charge of that infrastructure if they’re experiencing an issue.

Panopta’s dashboards provide a truly single-pane-of-glass-view of the environments engineers are working in. Teams have an unlimited number of dashboards, so they can cater each one to a specific team and the environment that the dashboard represents, making it simple for engineers to find the information they’re looking for.

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