The Agent is Here

Panopta unveils the Panopta Monitoring Agent (PMA),designed to give you even more insight into your network infrastructure.

The PMA gives you critical information about how your servers are performing, enabling you to detect trends in resource usage that can be used for capacity planning. More importantly, it provides real-time alerts about potential capacity problems that can be addressed before they become critical outages.

The PMA gathers information about the core system within a server, such as CPU activity, network bandwidth capacity, memory and disk usage, as well as application-level metrics for applications such as Apache and MySQL. These resources are then sent to our central monitoring infrastructure where they are analyzed, aggregated and used to generate alerts to administrators when resource levels exceed prescribed thresholds. The results are also available in our easy-to-use control panel, as well as in regular email and web-based reports.

The Panopta Monitoring Agent is locally based, ensuring peak performance and durability for each server. The software can quickly and easily be installed on any customer server in a matter of minutes, and supports various Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL/CentOS and Fedora) as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Robert B.