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Voice Notifications now live

As of this morning, voice outage alerts are now live for all Panopta customers to use – in addition to SMS and email outage alerts, you can now get a phone call and have details of active outages read to you over the phone. For all packages, both trial and paying, voice alerts are counted […]

1,000,000,000 Checks

Just the other day, we completed our one billionth check of a customer’s server. The lucky check was performed by our monitoring server in Singapore, and fortunately it showed that the customer’s server is up. We look forward performing many billions of checks in the future!

Welcome to the Panopta blog!

Welcome to the first post of the new Panopta blog. Our goal with the blog is to give everyone greater insight into the new developments going on at Panopta, as well as to share tips, tricks and general information to help you increase the availability of your web presence, and hopefully give you few more […]

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