New monitoring packages – reworked from the ground up!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve reworked our monitoring packages from the ground up! We think you”ll find the new offering to be extremely competitive while still maintaining Panopta’s dedication to a high level of quality and customer service.

The screenshot below shows just a glimpse of our new lineup of packages and how they scale with your growing business.

Panopta Pricing

So what makes these new plans so special? Here are a few reasons why this change in our plans benefits our customers in a big way:

Packages that scale with your business

– We put a lot of thought into the various stages a company goes through as it progresses. As you grow, your monitoring requirements change and we’ve done our best to capture that with our new package lineup! We’ve made it easier to find the right “fit” for your company with comfortable transitions between plans so that you’re getting what you need for a price that fits into your budget.

More bang for your buck

– We’re including even more checks and features in each plan to provide great value with the same enterprise quality you’ve come to expect from Panopta. One noteworthy change is we’ve removed SMS and voice alert limits across the board. Now, all plans come with unlimited SMS/Voice alerts!

Monitoring Agent

– We’ve separated agent resource checks from network service checks. We believe monitoring with the agent provides you with invaluable insight when assessing how your infrastructure is performing. Separating the agent checks out allows you to monitor both without having to cut back because of limitations.

That along with a newly streamlined signup and setup process makes getting setup with Panopta easy and painless.

New to Panopta?

Signup now and give it a try for 30 days at no cost! We’re confident that you”ll be satisfied with what Panopta has to offer and our first class support team is here to help you along the way.

Already a Panopta customer?

Don’t worry, we’ll be migrating all of our existing customers onto these new and improved plans so that you benefit from the same savings as all of our new customers. We’ll be sending out communication about this and processing plans changes to batches of customers at a time. If you have any questions or need assistance before then, feel free to let our billing team know and we’ll do our best to assist.

Robert B.