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Holiday Performance Infographic

Online sales during the 2015 Holiday season are expected to sky rocket with a 38% increase compared to 2014. Panopta has been monitoring the web’s top ECommerce sites since 2011 and we’ve captured an immense amount of interesting data. The below infographic takes the mountain of data on which we’re sitting and merges it with […]

Slow is the New Down: The Panopta Performance Index

For the last few years, we’ve been monitoring the top E-commerce websites and publishing their uptime during the holiday season in our Holiday Availability Index. As a consumer, it can get especially frustrating during this time of year when you’re trying to shop for last minute gifts and a site is unresponsive or slow. Today, […]

Bootstrap Application Wizard

One of Panopta’s strengths is its configurability to meet your specific monitoring and notification needs. Translating all of these configuration options in a simple and intuitive user interface and experience is challenging, so to meet this challenge, we built the Application Wizard for Bootstrap. The Application Wizard is a Bootstrap addon that allows multi-step forms […]

The importance of complete monitoring on website performance

There was an interesting article on the recent performance of various media websites during last week’s crush of traffic related to the passing of Michael Jackson. The interesting aspect of what was found was that the major media sites themselves were responding fairly normally, but various third-party additions to the sites that were actually overloaded. […]

Where have all the pagers gone?

There was an interesting thread on Slashdot the other day that raises some great points about how to best stay alerted to IT problems. Most people these days have migrated to notification via cell phone, Blackberry, etc. Personally, I’ve switched to an iPhone earlier this year and have been very satisfied with it. I’m not […]