3 Reasons Every E-commerce Manager Needs to Monitor Uptime and Performance.

Visitors, conversion rates, and security are critical, but if your site is slow or down, they become insignificant. Site availability and visitor experience are the sine qua non of e-commerce. We compiled industry research and some of our own experience to come up with three big reasons every e-commerce manager needs to monitor uptime and performance on their sites.

  1. Downtime can do serious damage to your brand.

In the world of retail, your brand is your promise. It’s how your customers know you. The same is true in e-commerce and if your brand does business online, every facet of your customers’ interaction needs to be top-notch. Making sure your website is up to snuff and mitigating any downtime is pivotal in making sure that your brand remains consistent. Don’t just take our word for it: KISSMetrics published a study showing that 44% of online shoppers who have a bad experience on a website will tell others about it. Don’t keep spending money on acquiring new customers until you make sure that they’re having a great experience when they come to shop with you online.

  1. Customers don’t come back to sites that are slow or are down.

Tick, tock. Did you know that after three seconds of waiting time, 40% of visitors will leave your website? It makes sense that people don’t like to wait around online. In the age of Netflix, Amazon, and Google, consumers expect on-demand services and results. Not only does waiting time make visitors leave, it can also prevent them from coming back. Research from KISSmetrics has shown that “79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.” For e-commerce, lifetime customer value and brand loyalty is not something you can afford to ignore. Monitoring helps you keep your customers happy and coming back.

  1. You can actually turn customers over to your competitors.

Market share is all about getting a leg up on your competitors but what happens when all of your effort to get people to your site ends up helping the competition more than you? This isn’t just a marketer’s nightmare, it’s actually happening! If your website is frustrating your visitors, 72% of them will try a competitor instead! If your site is lagging or it’s down, all of your marketing efforts are actually helping the other guys.

These are just three great reasons why you need to monitor the uptime and performance of your sites.  A monitoring solution that will let you know the second your site goes down, monitor overall health and performance, and provide actionable insights, can be incredibly valuable for e-commerce managers.

For a high-level overview of uptime performance for some of the largest e-commerce brands, check out our Performance Index.


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