2 goodies for the holidays: E-commerce predictions & our Holiday Index



The holidays are now officially in full swing, from the door wreaths on your neighbor’s door and the lights on the trees on main street, this means its time for another update from the Panopta Holiday Index.

Last year, we published our first e-commerce whitepaper on the availability of 132 websites of major retailers. In that whitepaper, we found nearly 35% of the sites could not meet that mandatory minimum,as established by hosting companies, of 99.9% website availability leading up to the sales season. During the main holiday shopping season, November 15th to January 4th, we set up the Panopta Holiday Index for executives, retailers, and shoppers as a public resource. During that holiday season over a fifth of domains failed to meet the 99.9% availability standard and has offered us a continued reason to keep examining and publishing our data.

It is with great pleasure that we present our second annual whitepaper on the status and outlook for major retailers websites this upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the holiday shopping season. To receive a copy of the whitepaper, just send your email address to pr@panopta.com

And stay tuned to the Panopta Holiday Index to see how your favorite retailers do this season.

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