On-Call Scheduling

Only wake up your team members when it really matters.

Using On-call schedules means no more late-night calls with everyone on the listserve

Panopta’s on-call schedules allow you to only notify the necessary people every time, whether that’s the admins on-call, or the ones in charge of the infrastructure in question. Your team will know any alerts they receive late at night or during non-business hours are both urgent and theirs to own.

Use Panopta’s On-Call Scheduling to:

  • Alert only the users and teams responsible for any incident during an on-call period
  • Provide accountability and ensure equitable distribution of incidents among team members
  • Create overlapping on-call schedules to ensure incidents don’t fall through the cracks, even when team members are out of the office
  • Hold team members accountable for their on-call shifts, and prevent finger-pointing when an incident is missed
  • Set up notifications to remind team members that they’re on-call and need to be ready to handle any incidents

Make on-call schedules at any level of granularity

On-call events are added to the schedule as you would add events to a calendar, making it easy and clear to see who is scheduled and when. In addition, you can add recurring events for weekends, holidays, and ongoing on-call schedules.

You can also assign a default contact on schedules, the default contact will receive any alerts that come through during a period without an event scheduled so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Pairing on-call schedules with other Panopta tools

Panopta’s Alert timelines

Tying the alerts to the schedule, rather than individual users, will prevent any chances of missing an important alert.You can include on-call schedules directly in your alert timeline. So even if you have turnover in your team, a team member is on vacation, or on-call schedules have changed, the right person will receive an alert every time.

Panopta Mobile App

Use push notifications in the Panopta Mobile App to remind a team member that they are on-call, or inform them of a new incident they need to handle. Team members will even be able to take action on new incidents from the app, such as acknowledging, delaying, or escalating the incident, making it easier for them to communicate with their team while on call.

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