Alert Timelines

Notify the right person, on the right channel, at the right time, every time.

Network alerting that works for your team and workflow.

Tailor alerts to your needs using Panopta’s alert timelines and never risk an incident going unnoticed. Fully customizable, alert timelines include built-in escalation rules so that the system notifies the right person every time. Coupled with our monitoring policy workflow and templates, it’s easy to apply your alert settings when on-boarding new instances, or making changes to instances already in your environment.

Built to reduce alert fatigue

  • Program in urgency: Set metric thresholds to passive notifications, like email, or urgent notifications, like a phone call.
  • Notify only the right people: Program alerts so only the team members responsible for those instances get notified.
  • Automate escalation: Program timelines to automatically escalate an alert if it’s unresolved within certain amount of time.

How to use Alert Timelines:

  1. Start by creating a new alert timeline, naming it, and giving it a description.
  2. Next, you’ll add a new event and choose the users you want to be notified when the event occurs.
  3. To finish, apply the timeline to whichever devices or server groups you’d like, and you’re ready to start managing your incidents!



Allow admins to escalate incidents when they need help from their team, or automate escalation to make sure an alert is never missed.

Countless Inegrations

Panopta offers integrations with a wide variety of communication and ticketing tools so that the system notifies your team in the right place.

Incident Life Cycle Management

Fine-tune incident management so your team will always know who is working on an incident and the progress they have made towards a resolution.

Unmatched Flexibility

Set varying levels of flexible thresholds, leveraging multiple severities, advanced windowing and fine-grained control over incident creation to combat alert fatigue and false positives.

High-level and Granular Network Alert Timelines

Set different alert timelines for individual devices, entire instance groups or segments of servers by tag, so that the right teams can respond quickly.

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