Panopta offers integrations with all the tools your team needs to keep your infrastructure optimized.

Get alerts on your terms.

Never miss an alert because you aren’t looking at your e-mail, texts, or Slack. Panopta has native integrations with all major communication and ticketing tools so that you will never have to sacrifice your team’s workflow.

Combined with Panopta’s alert timelines, our integrations offer your team the ability to leverage alerts to your advantage, and be proactive about incident management.

Unmatched Flexibility

Choose the right channel

Not every alert needs to be handled immediately, send less urgent alerts via email, or channels that won’t interrupt your team’s flow.

Automate escalation

Include automated escalation which will send alerts to a more urgent channel if they aren’t handled within a particular time frame.

Combat Alert Fatigue

Allow your team to easily manage alerts based on how they receive them, only interrupting their workflow when it’s absolutely necessary.

Not seeing an integration you need?

Panopta offers webhooks for any application without a native integration. Easily set up a webhook to push alerts to custom applications, whatever your team needs, we have it covered.

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