Maintenance Periods

Suppress alerts when you’re pushing a release, or schedule a maintenance period ahead of time so you never get alerts for changes you’re making to your infrastructure.

Scheduling planned or impromptu maintenance periods, redirect alerts, and prevent unnecessary noise.

Panopta offers alerting and scheduling solutions for every situation. Whether your admins are doing maintenance or a new release breaks something unexpected, our maintenance tools make it easy to suppress or redirect alerts as needed.

Three different kinds of maintenance

  1. Impromptu Maintenance Use impromptu maintenance for sudden, unexpected maintenance, whether you found a small application-level bug you’d like to fix, or an entire server crashes.
  2. One-time Maintenance If you need to make large changes like pushing a big update, schedule a one-time maintenance period so you won’t hurt end-user experience.
  3. Recurring Maintenance For maintenance you have to make regularly, create a flexible recurring maintenance period to help cut noise during small changes

Coupled with the choice to have Panopta freeze new incidents, silence alerts, or pause monitoring altogether, our maintenance schedules are designed to give your team the flexibility needed to perform maintenance without affecting the end user or creating extra noise.

Want to learn more about scheduling maintenance periods? Check the Panopta Knowledge Hub!

Scheduling Maintenance

How to take advantage of Maintenance Periods

  • Create maintenance periods to schedule maintenance ahead of time, and suppress alerts so no unnecessary noise disrupts your team
  • Perform impromptu maintenance, use our immediate maintenance feature to get working right away from any instance or group
  • Be selective about the parts of your infrastructure you want to maintenance by adding a maintenance period to a server group, individual server, or even a specific application
  • Leverage the tags you already have on your infrastructure to schedule maintenance periods for those instances
  • Use maintenance periods to silence alerts during recurring incidents, such as CPU usage spiking during a scheduled backup
  • Redirect alerts from specific instances while you’re doing maintenance, making it easy for you to track how changes are affecting other instances without bothering your team
  • Let teammates and customers know you’re doing maintenance with real time indicators on dashboards and keep records of maintenance on individual instances

Account for planned maintenance and unplanned downtime

Pre-scheduling maintenance periods and using impromptu maintenance allows you to notify end-users of potential incidents during that period. This way, your team is accountable for those incidents, without them counting against you.

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